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MIPCOM is back!

Principal Media proudly returns with amazing new titles, check out a few of our most buzzworthy selections below. Contact Ismael Ramiro, book some time in Cannes!


Ismael Ramiro

MIPCOM featured selections 

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This award-winning Hulu original explores a major civil rights issue of our time: transgender inclusion in sports.

Episodes: 1    Runtime: 90 min.

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A backstage pass to Rock Fantasy Camp, where lives are transformed as dreamers jam with their rock heroes. 

Episodes: 1    Runtime: 90 min.

MIPCOM-Tiles-2.2-no desc4.png

The story of how unknown Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics thanks to visionaries like Walt Disney.

Episodes: 1    Runtime: 90 min.

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Step inside the nostalgic world of personal collections, hosted by Lisa Whelchel ("Blair" from classic sitcom The Facts of Life).

Eps: 50    Runtime: 30 min.

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Season 5 drops as new house hunters tour ritzy mansions searching for the perfect luxury home.

Eps: 65    Runtime: 30 min.

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Shy and conservative 16-year old Ingrid explores her sexuality in this critically acclaimed LGBTQ+ teen drama.

Eps: 22    Runtime: 30 min.

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